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If you want a quick and cheap way to shine your gun up a bit, Patriot is not the company you are looking for. But if you are looking for an elite firearm polishing service and would only trust your gun to a world-class craftsman with a trusted and established reputation, then Patriot Gun Polishing is your last stop.


Mirror Polished
Ruger Blackhawk Bisleys

Why Choose Patriot?

I am Robert, a USMC veteran, a master metal polisher with 20+ years experience, and the owner of Patriot Gun Polishing. Throughout the entire process, from the initial quote, to confirmation of your gun's arrival, to updates on its progress, to the final notification of its completion and shipment, you will be in contact with me directly. Your gun will be handled, prepped, and polished by me, personally, and will never be in the hands of an amateur or trainee.

I am so confident in my services that I offer a 100% money back guarantee. If you receive your firearm back after polishing and you are not satisfied with the work, I will return your money immediately. Doing business with Patriot is a risk-free proposition. 


Unlike YouTube hobbyists or the buddy of a guy you know who "says" he can polish guns, Patriot is a professional and licensed business and has a Federal Firearms License. You are not just sending your gun off to some anonymous internet guy working out of his garage, but to a bona fide business registered with the state, county, city, and ATF.


Send your scratched and dinged up gun to another polishing shop and you know what you'll get back? A gun with shiny scratches. I have the experience and skill to repair all but the most catastrophic damage to your gun, while preserving its lines and dimensions as well as engravings and roll marks, leaving a flawless mirrored surface. Even if your gun is factory new, there is invariably a stray machining mark or pinhole somewhere. Other polishers will gloss over these areas. I make them disappear.

Other polishers produce a "bright" or reflective surface finish. These guns always have fine lines, sanding lines, and/or a haziness in the finish. The guns I polish have a true mirror finish. They are not just shiny, they literally double as mirrors. You can see every pore on your face reflected in them. 

Other polishers will round off edges, obliterate laser engravings, and soften the appearance of roll marks. Unless these features are already compromised by age or damage, I have the ability to preserve 100% even the delicate laser engravings seen on Ruger 1911s and newer model S&W revolvers.

Do not make the mistake of sending your treasured firearm off to a hobbyist, a no-name Internet guy, or a polishing shop that specializes in rims and bumpers. Trust it to an ethically-minded professional who specializes in firearm polishing. But don't just take my word for it. The links below will take you to reviews Patriot's past customers have written about my polishing work and customer service after working with me. See what they have to say.

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