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Hello. My name is Robert Kealy, and I am the owner and president of Patriot Gun Polishing, located in sunny Fort Myers, FL. I founded the business 18 years ago shortly after my service as an infantryman in the United States Marine Corps. Prior to my service in the military, I had worked with metal in the aerospace industry, and when I returned to civilian life, I decided to use my previous metalworking experience and the discipline and determination learned in the Corps to open up my own polishing business.​

I am currently pursuing a BS in Applied Mathematics and have a BA in Philosophy with a concentration in Ethics. When dealing with Patriot, you can rest assured that, whether you have sent me a single trigger for polishing or large order on which an important contract depends, you are partnered with an ethically-minded company that weighs the interests of its customers heavily. I measure the success of my business not only by its profitability, but also by its solid reputation and the complete satisfaction of its customers. Doing right by my customers, my neighborhood, and by society in general is one of the foundational ethical principles for me personally and for my company, by extension.


I regularly do work for non-local customers via UPS, FedEx, and USPS, so if you are not local, I can definitely accommodate. I am a licensed firearms dealer, so you can ship your guns directly to me, and because I am performing a gunsmithing operation on a weapon you already own (i.e. I am not selling or transferring a weapon to you), I can ship your gun right back to you when it is polished. No background checks or local FFL middlemen required! Although, you may send your gun to me through your local FFL dealer, if you prefer.


Browse through the photo gallery to see the quality of my work and then contact me for a quote today!

Patriot Gun Polishing
Fort Myers, FL 
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